• Provide advisory support to Client’s management in doing the business in the right way and and support their compliance with all governing laws.
  • Develop Salary system according to the nature of the company’s activity and in accordance with all its governing regulations, including how to calculate the basic salary of worker and determine the insurance subscription and the direct cost of the worker when hired.
  • Prepare a procedural Guide to calculate monthly effects of salaries (benefits and deductions)


  • Prepare time records for our customers derived from their actual sign in records.
  • Review of all salaries data (new hiring/ termination of service/ compensation for illness or injury.. etc.)
  • Prepare Salary and benefit statements, detailed pay slips for all employees, bank transfer statement as well as accounting cost centers.
  • Prepare a statement of government payments (social insurance/income taxes/emergency fund/cultural services fund/health insurance/private funds if any)
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